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From here on, it is all freshly posted!

Hi guys!

Sorry about hte random order or blog post below.  That about sums up a cluster of work.  For now on, all future post will be posted in the order freshly completed.  For those that did not read the previous blog entry, I made post of work that I have done throughout the past year!  Thanks for bearing with me!

Love & sugar, Melissa

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Ladyfinger cake for goodness sake!

Andy’s bro leaves for bible college.  What a perfect exscuse to make a ladyfinger cake!


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Just do it!

So, my big bro is a huuuuuuuge sneaker fan and loves Mr. Jordan!  The colors on this cake were inspired by the Marje Simpson Dunks that were released in 2008.   Anyhow, my first attempt @ a buttercream transfer really sucked.  Cake decorating is surely a learning experience! All in all, I got lots of props and smiles!  Sweeeeeeeeeeeet!


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And then your tongue turns blue!

4th of July 2008!  Darn was I under some seriouse pressure to get these guys out!  At the time I was working a corporate bakery job that blew!!!  After working a 9 hour shift, I rushed my fanny home to make these guys!

I bought the cupcake cups @ Michaels.  I used a boxed cake mix, homemade buttercream frosting and topped each cupcake with 4th of July themed sprinkes!  I really wanted to do something with fondant but being a last minute Charlie got the best of this one.  Hopefully 4th of July 2009 will be stellar!


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A cluster of work!

Howdy folks!

I have been meaning to start a blog for quite a while.  Each time I made an account, I neglect it.  I usually just end up emailing pictures of my desserts to family or  just upload pictures on Facebook.  I was slightly bummed that  I didn’t have a post for each dessert that I have made over the past 2 years.  As a result to my procrastination, I have decided to make individual post for each of  my favorite desserts that I have created.  So the next 30 or 50 posts are surely desserts by me… old enough to have had mold on them but not antique status!  Stay tuned to watch me grow in this passion!

Love & sugar, Melissa girl

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