I was up until 3:00 in the morning of a Friday night because…

March 7, 2009 was a delightful day with multiple reasons to celebrate!    Saturday was my mamma’s birthday + my neighbor’s boyfriends’ birthday and Andy’s mom was had a special lunch planned for the family.  I had to make cupcakes for our breakfast and Andy’s moms’ family lunch!  As a reult, I spent a lot of quality time in the kitchen-  I prepared 2 tripple layered cakes and 30 cupcakes!!!  I did not get to sleep until 3:00 in the AM, which just so happens to be way past my bed time! 

PS. My trick to the espresso italian meringue buttercream:  I made the standard recipe but just added Folgers instant coffee- It was delicious! 🙂




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I heard it through the grapevine!

This was a spiec cake but the California Rasin’s certainly did not make it to this party!  I decided to go with a basket weave grapevine styled cake.  This cake came out exactly how I envisioned it.n1435710315_30179077_6828

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Basket weave cake

So I took a few Wilton Classes last year!  The basket Weave styled cake was by far my favorite cake to make in the class.  All the flowers were created with Wilton’s royal icing recipe!


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Marriage, graduation… CAKE!

Yay!  Tim and Kelly just got married and graduated from highschool and college!  Chocolate and yellow cake w/ strawberry cream cheese frosting! This cake is frosted in buttercream frosting and decorated with fondant flowers!  n1435710315_30154707_41


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