Billy’s vanilla frosting!

Nearly 3 years ago, Billy Reece, owner of Billy’s Bakery, NYC, shared his infamous recipe, for Billy’s Vanilla Buttercream on the Martha Stewart.  After seeing plenty of hype about this recipe in multiple blogs and Martha Stewart’s website, I knew I was destined to make this recipe atleast once.   It ended up being very easy to make and came out with impressive results.  Billy’s Vanilla Buttercream is certaily not your stereotypical commercial bakery frosting recipe- you know, the kind where it is so sweet you could clinch… However,  it is somewhat close!  It was a little buttery, a little vanilley, and a little more than a little rich… and I liked it A LOT more than just a little.  Until I find a better recipe, Billy’s Vanilla Buttercream is my go-to for cakes and cupcakes from now on.

This delicious batch of frosting  topped my “extra large” chocolate cupcakes.   I topped  the frosting with dark brown chocolate sprinkles to compliment the chocolate cupcake.



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Birthday cupcake

That’s right, another batch of Birthday Cupcakes for a special birthday gal!  Pretty cupcake wrappers sure know how to steel the show!  🙂xpy

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Easter Cupcakes!

I have been meaning to update this blog for quite sometime now.  For Easter I made Andy’s family 2 dozen cupcakes.  



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My espresso cupcakes were served @ Bistro 33

Technically, yes.   Our waiter took the espresso cupcakes that I made and served them to my family!  PLUS, 2 people who worked there ate some of the extra cupcakes and I scored compliments!  Sweeeeeeet! 


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I was up until 3:00 in the morning of a Friday night because…

March 7, 2009 was a delightful day with multiple reasons to celebrate!    Saturday was my mamma’s birthday + my neighbor’s boyfriends’ birthday and Andy’s mom was had a special lunch planned for the family.  I had to make cupcakes for our breakfast and Andy’s moms’ family lunch!  As a reult, I spent a lot of quality time in the kitchen-  I prepared 2 tripple layered cakes and 30 cupcakes!!!  I did not get to sleep until 3:00 in the AM, which just so happens to be way past my bed time! 

PS. My trick to the espresso italian meringue buttercream:  I made the standard recipe but just added Folgers instant coffee- It was delicious! 🙂




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Extra large Cupcake!

Last week was my brother’s girlfriends’ birthday + my Aunt Patt y came to town from Ventura.  Can you say,  family get together?!  I intended on making a birthday cake, however I decided to make cupcakes instead.  These days, I have really missed making cupcakes.  When I opened up the kitchen cupboard, I realized the bad news, NO MORE CUPCAKE WRAPPERS.  Where on earth did all my cupcake wrappers go?  Who knows, but I did happen to stumble across some extra large and incharge cupcakes wrappers!  They turnd out to be a total success!   Honestly, these were the biggest cupcakes that I have ever made… seriously- scouts honor guys!  I topped the cupcakes with a standard buttercream recipe however, I squeezed a fresh orange and used real orange juice (instead of using milk/water). Hostess cupcakes also inspired me to fill the center of each cupcake with marshmallow cream!  The combination was a success.   As Rachel Rae would say- YUM-O!


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New year, new cupcake!

News years 2009!


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Flower in the dark

White cupcake with buttercream frosting topped with a fondant flower!  I used a yellow sprinkle for the center of the flower!


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Baby on board!

My biggest cupcake order was for one of my parent’s employees’  babyshower, last year.  I thought the brown would spice up a light colour like baby blue!


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Chocolate & Vanilla… plain & simple!


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