Have a Robotic Birthday

Andy’s mom’s coworker ordered a robot cake for her man’s birthday.  She gave me the oppurtunity to design this cake myself which took off the presure of perfection.xblogsyxblogersy


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Can you please not make me a pretty cake?

So I have a lot of Andy/ies in my life, and it’s awesome!  My fiance’s birthday was last Friday and he requested that I fully concentrate of the flavor of his cake opposed to the decorations of his cake.  Last year I made him a fruit basket cake which he loved!  This year I made him a white cake filled with homemade whipped cream frosting and freshly sliced strawberries.  I stayed true to my word and focused specifically on the flavor;  however, it turned out elegant in my opinion.  My mom gives me all her hand me downs of her old  magazines which aim towards middle aged women- “womens day”, “good housekeeping”….  yeah you get the point- Might I add that I thoroughly enjoy these magazines!  Anyways,  the new trend I have noticed throughout these magazines is cakes filled with fresh fruit and/or frosting with no  frosting on the outside of the cake.  At first I wasn’t so sure of it, however the more pictures of this trend I saw, the more I dug it!!!  So, here you have it and boy was this cake was fabulous- so fabulous I am making it again this weekend for my big hunk to split with my dad!!!



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Busy bee’s celebrate their bee-days too!

One of my favorite friend’s, Andie, birthday was today!  Andie is a busy bee- she works, goes to school and has a future so bright that she’s gotta wear sunglasses!  Happy 25th birthday Andie!

img_1036img_1052White cake with espresso/coffee filling topped with vanilla buttercream frosting and fondant bumble bees!

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I was up until 3:00 in the morning of a Friday night because…

March 7, 2009 was a delightful day with multiple reasons to celebrate!    Saturday was my mamma’s birthday + my neighbor’s boyfriends’ birthday and Andy’s mom was had a special lunch planned for the family.  I had to make cupcakes for our breakfast and Andy’s moms’ family lunch!  As a reult, I spent a lot of quality time in the kitchen-  I prepared 2 tripple layered cakes and 30 cupcakes!!!  I did not get to sleep until 3:00 in the AM, which just so happens to be way past my bed time! 

PS. My trick to the espresso italian meringue buttercream:  I made the standard recipe but just added Folgers instant coffee- It was delicious! 🙂




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Way to kick of being 14!

January 10th was my cousin Joey’s birthday!  I made him a lemon cake with Italian meringue buttercream.  The top is a cake covered with fondant to form a soccer ball.  I made my first fondant character.  He is a soccer player with a mohawk.  The colors of his uniformed are inspired by a team in Rome.n1435710315_30221728_7944

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I heard it through the grapevine!

This was a spiec cake but the California Rasin’s certainly did not make it to this party!  I decided to go with a basket weave grapevine styled cake.  This cake came out exactly how I envisioned it.n1435710315_30179077_6828

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Crafty cupcakes!

Spring 2008!  It was my dad’s sisters’ birthday.   I made her white cupcakes with strawberry filling topped with strawberry buttercream frosting.  I got crafty and made some happy birthday toothpicks.


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Grandma is sending you a ladybug!

I come from a close nitched family!  Ever since my sweet Grandma passed away, we swear she is sending us ladybugs.     I was inspired to make my Aunt Mary  a ladybug cake.  It was so much fun to make… okay fine I lied.  The kitchen was a mess, I think that I may have even  slightly burned the cake.  My Aunt Mary was truly touched that I made her this cake, which meant the world to me.


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Your going on 20 but your cake decorator swears you are turning 6!

Greg & Tim (my man’s brothers) celebrate their birthday together every year!  may 2008, Tim turned 22 and Greg turned 20!  I was so excited to get busy with my new circle fondant cutters.  In the end, the guys were satisfied which is too cool for school!

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Grandma’s cupcake!

I have been getting so fancy with the cupcakes lately.  Shoot, I kind of miss old school cupcakes… you know, the kind you use a butter kinfe to frost and use the sprinkles that are ALWAYS in the house.


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