Who says all pumpkin’s have to have teeth?

November 2008, I decided to bake and decorate fall cookies.  I was looking for ideas of sweet looking pumpkin ideas but nothing cake up.  I am tired of seeing mean-Halloween decorated sweets!  As a result, I put on my thinking cap and came up with this sweet pumpkin!



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I am falling for you!

Andy and I had our housewarming party on October 17, 2009!  In honor of this festivity,I made 4 different kinds of cookies!  I now present to you white cupcakes with orange flavored frosting.  These cupcakes are topped with fondant fall leafs.  I used a tooth pick to made the indentations on the leafs! PS. I apoligise on the lack of recipes here.  I honestly have just been making up recipes as I go with these back dated post.  I plan on sharing many recipes with you in the future!  n1435710315_30154665_8611

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Autumn spice and everything nice!

Fall 2008!  It was october which slowly calls for the spice rack to come on out and spice up the holidays!  I decided to make spice cake cupcakes topped with cinnamon cream cheese frosting and garnished with fall leaf sprinkles!   My oldest brother, Jason just loves his spice cake.  Sadly, he never ended up getting one!  n1435710315_30154683_3322

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