Can you please not make me a pretty cake?

So I have a lot of Andy/ies in my life, and it’s awesome!  My fiance’s birthday was last Friday and he requested that I fully concentrate of the flavor of his cake opposed to the decorations of his cake.  Last year I made him a fruit basket cake which he loved!  This year I made him a white cake filled with homemade whipped cream frosting and freshly sliced strawberries.  I stayed true to my word and focused specifically on the flavor;  however, it turned out elegant in my opinion.  My mom gives me all her hand me downs of her old  magazines which aim towards middle aged women- “womens day”, “good housekeeping”….  yeah you get the point- Might I add that I thoroughly enjoy these magazines!  Anyways,  the new trend I have noticed throughout these magazines is cakes filled with fresh fruit and/or frosting with no  frosting on the outside of the cake.  At first I wasn’t so sure of it, however the more pictures of this trend I saw, the more I dug it!!!  So, here you have it and boy was this cake was fabulous- so fabulous I am making it again this weekend for my big hunk to split with my dad!!!



-2 boxes of betty Crocker’s White cake mix (you can use 1 box as well.  I used 2 boxes to get the cake 4 layers tall)

-I fileld the cake with homemade whipped cream. (buy 22 oz carton of heavy whipping cream and mix with a handfull of powdered sugar.  mix it with your whip attachement).

-Lay freshly sliced strawberries ontop of each later of whipped cream throughout the cake


March 30, 2009. Birthday Cake, Cakes.

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