Shamrock cookies- No one is getting pinched over here!

Saint Patrick’s day is tomorrow!  Today, my cousin Stephanie came over and we made cookies together for the first time!  We had so much fun +  she has a natural talent for this business!  She did 20 times better than I ever did my first time cookie decorating!  We baked Basic Rolled Sugar Cookies. We outlined the cookie with brown Royal Icing, which set as our dam. On the inside of the cookie, we filled it with green Powdered Sugar Glaze.   To my jolly surpirse, the powdered sugar glaze did not leak all over the place… Thanks to the brown Royal Icing dam!  All in All, our cookies turned out to be a pure success!  I plan on passing these cookies out to neighbors and close relatives!  

Love & Luck, your favorite sugar gal!




March 17, 2009. Cookies, St. Patricks.


  1. Jo Ann Blanchard replied:

    Hi Darling Melissa!

    I loved the picture of the St. Patrick’s Day cookies that you and Stepanie made together. How fun for cousins!




  2. Steve replied:

    Those look so good! I like how they shine. 🙂

  3. Stephanie Dodge replied:

    Wow those turned out really good! You’re blog looks likes its coming along real nicely. I think everything you make is really something to be proud of! You’re pretty much an expert! My mom was really impressed too.

    And thank you for encouraging me! ❤

  4. Ola Craig replied:

    The cookies look great Melissa. Wish we lived closer so we could get in on the handout. Ha!
    Love, Aunt Ola

  5. connie replied:

    wow, I love all your cookies, cakes and cupcakes! You got it going on in the bakery business!

  6. Andie replied:

    hey! great stuff! you are super talented and I would love to see the day you open a super cute bakery! I know it would be the best one ever!
    See you soon!

  7. melissabetschart replied:

    I am so blessed to have such an awesome bunch of family and friends! You guys rock!!! Thank you so much for each and every one of your support. It means so much to me. I am so happy that I put this blog together now! I love you all! -Melissa

  8. Milan replied:

    ok,Melissa these have to be the best cookie that you have ever made.Hope our mothers day ones turn out even better!

    • melissabetschart replied:

      Thank you! 🙂 Don’t worry, our Mother’s Day cookies will be absoutely gogeouse! These Shamrock’s will definetly have some competition.

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