Can you please not make me a pretty cake?

So I have a lot of Andy/ies in my life, and it’s awesome!  My fiance’s birthday was last Friday and he requested that I fully concentrate of the flavor of his cake opposed to the decorations of his cake.  Last year I made him a fruit basket cake which he loved!  This year I made him a white cake filled with homemade whipped cream frosting and freshly sliced strawberries.  I stayed true to my word and focused specifically on the flavor;  however, it turned out elegant in my opinion.  My mom gives me all her hand me downs of her old  magazines which aim towards middle aged women- “womens day”, “good housekeeping”….  yeah you get the point- Might I add that I thoroughly enjoy these magazines!  Anyways,  the new trend I have noticed throughout these magazines is cakes filled with fresh fruit and/or frosting with no  frosting on the outside of the cake.  At first I wasn’t so sure of it, however the more pictures of this trend I saw, the more I dug it!!!  So, here you have it and boy was this cake was fabulous- so fabulous I am making it again this weekend for my big hunk to split with my dad!!!




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Busy bee’s celebrate their bee-days too!

One of my favorite friend’s, Andie, birthday was today!  Andie is a busy bee- she works, goes to school and has a future so bright that she’s gotta wear sunglasses!  Happy 25th birthday Andie!

img_1036img_1052White cake with espresso/coffee filling topped with vanilla buttercream frosting and fondant bumble bees!

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Shamrock cookies- No one is getting pinched over here!

Saint Patrick’s day is tomorrow!  Today, my cousin Stephanie came over and we made cookies together for the first time!  We had so much fun +  she has a natural talent for this business!  She did 20 times better than I ever did my first time cookie decorating!  We baked Basic Rolled Sugar Cookies. We outlined the cookie with brown Royal Icing, which set as our dam. On the inside of the cookie, we filled it with green Powdered Sugar Glaze.   To my jolly surpirse, the powdered sugar glaze did not leak all over the place… Thanks to the brown Royal Icing dam!  All in All, our cookies turned out to be a pure success!  I plan on passing these cookies out to neighbors and close relatives!  

Love & Luck, your favorite sugar gal!



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My espresso cupcakes were served @ Bistro 33

Technically, yes.   Our waiter took the espresso cupcakes that I made and served them to my family!  PLUS, 2 people who worked there ate some of the extra cupcakes and I scored compliments!  Sweeeeeeet! 


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I was up until 3:00 in the morning of a Friday night because…

March 7, 2009 was a delightful day with multiple reasons to celebrate!    Saturday was my mamma’s birthday + my neighbor’s boyfriends’ birthday and Andy’s mom was had a special lunch planned for the family.  I had to make cupcakes for our breakfast and Andy’s moms’ family lunch!  As a reult, I spent a lot of quality time in the kitchen-  I prepared 2 tripple layered cakes and 30 cupcakes!!!  I did not get to sleep until 3:00 in the AM, which just so happens to be way past my bed time! 

PS. My trick to the espresso italian meringue buttercream:  I made the standard recipe but just added Folgers instant coffee- It was delicious! 🙂




n1435710315_30273035_49760301  (more…)

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Extra large Cupcake!

Last week was my brother’s girlfriends’ birthday + my Aunt Patt y came to town from Ventura.  Can you say,  family get together?!  I intended on making a birthday cake, however I decided to make cupcakes instead.  These days, I have really missed making cupcakes.  When I opened up the kitchen cupboard, I realized the bad news, NO MORE CUPCAKE WRAPPERS.  Where on earth did all my cupcake wrappers go?  Who knows, but I did happen to stumble across some extra large and incharge cupcakes wrappers!  They turnd out to be a total success!   Honestly, these were the biggest cupcakes that I have ever made… seriously- scouts honor guys!  I topped the cupcakes with a standard buttercream recipe however, I squeezed a fresh orange and used real orange juice (instead of using milk/water). Hostess cupcakes also inspired me to fill the center of each cupcake with marshmallow cream!  The combination was a success.   As Rachel Rae would say- YUM-O!


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From here on, it is all freshly posted!

Hi guys!

Sorry about hte random order or blog post below.  That about sums up a cluster of work.  For now on, all future post will be posted in the order freshly completed.  For those that did not read the previous blog entry, I made post of work that I have done throughout the past year!  Thanks for bearing with me!

Love & sugar, Melissa

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Mamma bear & Pappa bear love eachother beary much!

Valentines 2009 went a lot better than Valentines 2008.  My kitchen was probably just as messy though!  I had so much fun making gingerbread cookies that I decided to make bear cookies.

I thought: VALENTINES + BEAR COOKIES + GINGERBREAD COOKIES = see picture belowe!


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Super bowl cookies

Super bowl cookies!  That’s right, for super bowl 2009 I made football player cookies!


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New year, new cupcake!

News years 2009!


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